Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid, Spain) 21-25 September 1993. (organized by Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)

1. Polymorphisms and geographic distribution
2. Transmission: non-Mendelian heredity
3. Genetic structure and organization
4. Phenotypic effects
5. Population dynamics

Granada, Spain 26-29 June 2004. (organized by Juan Pedro Camacho)

1. Frequency and meiotic behaviour
2. Transmission
3. Phenotypic effects
4. DNA composition and origin
5. Evolution

Gatersleben, Germany 7- 9 April 2014. (organized by Andreas Houben)

1. Structure and evolution of animal and plant B chromosomes
2. B chromosome effects and genes
3. Population genetics of B chromosomes
4. Segregation behaviour and drive of B chromosomes
5. Novel analysis methods and application of B chromosomes

Botucatu, Brazil 20 - 23 July 2019. (organized by Cesar Martines)

1. Education in chromosome Science
2. Structure, composition and evolution of B chromosomes
3. Genes and B chromosome effects
4. Population genetics of B chromosomes
5. Segregation behaviour and drive of B chromosomes
6. New technologies and applications of B chromosomes

Petnica, Serbia 14 - 17 October 2023. (organized by Institute for Biological Research "Siniša Stanković")

1. Constitution, gene composition of Bs
2. Segregation behaviour of B chromosomes
3. B chromosome effects
4. Dynamics of Bs in populations
5. Origin and evolution of supernumerary chromosomes